Let The “Fire Island” Boys Show You How To Slay With Rosé This Summer

'Tis the season.

Everyday in summer is rosé day, but today, June 10, is National Rosé Day. Everyone—especially the boys from Fire Island—knows that life is a little better with a glass of wine.

So hit play on “Rosé All Day,” scroll through below and let the boys from the Logo reality series give you some tips on how to have the perfect summer with some help from a glass of rosé.

  1. Always have a bottle on hand when you have a kiki

  2. You can use wine as a prop when you want to be extra

  3. Always keep a secret stash if your roommates are known for being thirsty

  4. Sip that last drop when your housemates are too much

  5. Who says you can’t have a little wine while you workout?

  6. Pour some more when you’re stuck making dinner for your Fire Island housemates

  7. Rosé is always welcome at the party

  8. And remember to celebrate the good times

    If you want to make something special for your next summer soiree then try Barefoot Wine’s Pride Punch which mixes wine, fruit and lemonade for a refreshing drink that will add some sparkle to your Pride Month menu.

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