Rosie O’Donnell Selling Her Anti-Trump Art On Etsy

Proceeds benefit various anti-Trump organizations.

Doesn’t beautiful art always come out of the ugliest subjects?

Rosie O’Donnell’s public feud with Donald Trump has raged for years, and now the lesbian actress and activist is creatively channeling her disdain for the president into her anti-Trump artwork.

The colorful digital images, printed on aluminum and signed by the agitprop artist, are being sold on Etsy. O’Donnell is personally matching all profits and donating the money to various anti-Trump organizations.

O’Donnell, who started doodling unflattering images of Trump and his regime on her iPhone, writes that her “sadness rage disappointment will now be expressed with these pieces.”

The first limited series, which sold out within a day, depicted Trump’s face next to the words “rapist, cheat, liar, racist, conman, asshole.” The second batch, which labeled Trump a “criminal,” sold out Friday within several hours.

The first check for $2,500 will benefit Everytown, “in an effort to support sane gun laws,” O’Donnell writes. She has praised the brave student advocates of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the wake of last week’s deadly mass shooting.

O’Donnell has vowed to continue making and selling her art until Trump is out of office.

“We can do this America,” she continues. “Save ourselves from tyranny. Love and peace as we move forward.”

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