Rosie Perez Defends Hip-Hop’s Queer Evolution Citing Le1f, Cakes Da Killa and Juliana Huxtable


Hip-hop legend Erick Sermon recently ran his foul mouth ranting that hip-hop is not ready for a transgender person and that Bruce Jenner has “taken the culture too far.”–what Jenner has to do with hip-hop, who knows.

(It should be noted that Sermon prefaces his ignorance by praising Jenner for potentially helping bring awareness to increased suicide rate amongst trans teens.)

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“First off, what is hip-hop culture?” guest co-host Raven Symone asked on yesterday’s episode of The View. “It’s supposed to be fashion, it’s supposed to be freedom of speech, it’s supposed to be entertainment, and there’s too many people behind-the-scenes that are in transgender LGBT that dress you.”

Then it was Rose Perez’s turn to take the mic.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.18.13 AM

Here’s the thing. Hip-hop culture started with graffiti and then from b-boy dancing. It was a response to our lack of access to the entertainment world because we didn’t have the funds. It was a rebellion. We made our own culture, we made our own music, and all of the sudden it became pop culture.

The voice of the young is trying to tell you, Eric–I love you, you know I do, honey–but the voice of the young is trying to tell you that the times are changing. When hip-hop first started it was very homophobic. And then Frank Ocean came out. And then came Le1f. Le1f is a hip-hop artist.

Nichole Wallace tries to shift the conversation, saying, “I don’t know who any of these people are,” but Perez was. not. done.

Let me finish, please. Le1f was on a national stage. He was on David Letterman. He’s an openly gay rapper. There’s Cakes Da Killa who actually Hot 97 asked him to come down and freestyle–openly gay rapper. And there’s a transgender DJ, Juliana Huxtable, who is selling out. The hip-hop world will be ready. Eric, please come on board.

Chills Rosie Perez, full body chills.

Watch the powerful clip below.