“Rough Night” Is Like “Weekend At Bernie’s” With Dead Male Strippers

The new red-band trailer has everything—HPV, cannibalism, and maybe Colton Haynes in a Speedo?

A new red-band trailer for the raunchy comedy Rough Night shows how wild girls can get.

Columbia Pictures

As seen back in March in the first official trailer, the upcoming film stars Zoë Kravitz, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, and Kate McKinnon as besties of a bride-to-be played by Scarlett Johansson. Their bachelorette party goes horribly wrong when they all get coked up and accidentally kill their hunky stripper cop.


In the new trailer, we see that they then put glasses on the dead stripper and drag him around Miami, Weekend at Bernie’s style, and even contemplate eating the body. “I can’t because I’m vegan,” says McKinnon’s character.

But eagle eyes will notice that there’s another unidentified male stripper in the trailer doing a high kick in a blue Speedo. His face is too blurry to be sure, but it might be Colton Haynes. Haynes appears briefly in the trailer as a uniformed cop, but who says there be two stripper cops?


“I’m nervous because I may or may not have a lot of clothes on in this movie and I don’t know what made the trailer or not,” the out actor told fans on Snapchat, prior to the first trailer’s release. “So you guys might be seeing something soon.”

Watch the new Rough Night trailer below.

Rough Night is in theaters June 16.

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