Roxxxy Andrews’ 5 Greatest “Drag Race” Looks

What was Roxxxy’s juiciest look?tumblr_miu9rzmpMZ1rthi3ao1_500

Hard to believe RuPaul’s Drag Race is ending tonight, but because it is, we have one final piece of business to settle. Since we’ve counted up Jinkx Monsoon and Alaska’s best moments, it’s only right to circle back to the competition’s current third-place fighter Roxxxy Andrews. Roxxxy’s best work was always on the runway, and thus it’s time to reflect on her greatest runway looks. Here are her top 5.

5. The hip-py harlot


This scandalous ensemble was revealing in both a sexy and unusual way. Baring your hips is a strange way to be provocative, but I think Roxxxy’s vampy costume here makes the salaciousness seem wicked and interesting.

4. Emerald Islets


Roxxxy’s choice of a glistening green, ’60s-print looks like it’d be more appropriate on Jo Anne Worley¬†than a current Drag Race contender, but it’s a killer look done up to perfection with the aid of seriously ferocious hairstyling. At just the right moment in the competition when viewers had all but dismissed her, Roxxxy established herself as a grande dame.

3. Sweet Salaciousness


It wasn’t quite candy, but Roxxxy’s string-thing, berainbowed glamor was a threateningly hot and interesting look during a challenge when every single competitor came out looking near-perfect. (Even Detox’s sharp Mugler ensemble wasn’t enough to save her from elimination.) Even if you find this look a little gimmicky, there’s no denying it’s a one-of-a-kind look in RPDR history.

2. Executive regalness


Executive realness at its finest ¬†— with the exception of Alaska’s laser-eyed, kickass construction site doyenne getup. As the judges pointed out, the smartest part of this nighttime soap star look was the highness of the skirt. It sexualized what could’ve been a stodgy, severe look and helped buttress the character’s hit-send ferociousness.

1. Barely-there glamor.

Roxxxy is a polarizing competitor to say the least, but her proud juiciness has always been her greatest attribute. With this unbelievably saucy, raw, cool, and un-vulgar look, she showed that she could work a runway with a confidence to challenge her best competitors. Her makeup and hair particularly stunning here.

What are your favorite Roxxxy looks?