Gay Obama Alum Rufus Gifford Joins Biden Campaign

The former U.S. ambassador will serve as deputy campaign manager.

The Biden campaign just tapped a prominent gay Democrat to join its forces.

Rufus Gifford, an Obama campaign alum, has joined the former VP’s presidential campaign as his deputy campaign manager, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. In the new position, Gifford will reportedly focus on the intersection of finance policy and political work.

Previously, Gifford served as Barack Obama’s finance chair in 2012 and the U.S. ambassador to Denmark during Obama’s second term. The 45-year-old Massachusetts native also ran unsuccessfully for Congress from his home state during the 2018 midterm elections.

Ole Jensen/Corbis via Getty Images

On Twitter, Gifford confirmed his new role with the Biden campaign.

“Starting a pretty important job on Monday,” the former ambassador tweeted Wednesday alongside a photo of his husband, veterinarian Stephen DeVincent. “Until then I’ll focus on my most important job: husband to this guy. (And yes I cooked dinner!)”

Although Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Biden’s chief competition in the Democratic presidential primary, suspended his campaign earlier this month, the former veep still faces major challenges in the lead-up to November. As Bloomberg notes, he’s trailing behind Trump and the Republican National Committee in funding from supporters. Additionally, Biden has yet to address allegations of sexual assault lodged against him by a former aide in the ’90s, angering women and survivors of sexual assault.

However, recent data shows a promising lead for Biden, who is polling ahead of Trump in the race for the White House. The former VP has also made strides to appeal to queer voters, highlighting gains made for LGBTQ equality under the Obama administration. Back in March, Biden unveiled a 17-page LGBTQ policy platform vowing to reinstate pro-LGBTQ policies unraveled by Trump.

Main image: Gifford (R) with husband Stephen DeVincent in 2017.

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