“Marvel’s Runaways” Keeps It Queer in New Season 2 Trailer

Karolina and Nico are back!

Hulu’s Runaways returns for Season 2 this December, but what exactly is in store for the newest team of Marvel superheroes? Judging from the official Season 2 teaser that was released this week, the stakes are higher than ever.

Although it took a season for the teen heroes to actually run away from their parents, the new batch of episodes picks up right at the height of the first season’s action. From what the trailer shows, we can see that the heroes have found a comfy hideaway via a deserted motel to work on their powers in preparation for a showdown with their parents.

The trailer also features a sneak peeks of the teens when they aren’t fighting—including a kiss between Karolina (Virginia Gardner) and Nico (Lyrica Okano).

Earlier this year Runaways co-showrunner Josh Schwartz spoke with TVLine about how closely Karolina and Nico will impact the team, saying their dynamic will be “in a large way, the emotional core” of Season 2.

“They’re going to be struggling not just with trying to save the world,” adds co-showrunner Stephanie Savage, “but how to have an appropriate teenage relationship in such an adult situation.”

The 13-episode second season premieres December 21 on Hulu.

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