Which Album Can RuPaul Not Live Without? (No, Not “Foxy Lady”)

The "Drag Race" host shares his must-haves.

Any RuPaul fan knows that his love of music runs deep. He is constantly talking and tweeting about songs and artists that he loves—just listen to any episode of his podcast What’s The Tee? where he often gushes about his favorite songwriters and producers.

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So what album is an essential for Ru? That’s the question the glamazon answers in a New York magazine feature called: “What RuPaul Can’t Live Without.”

As far as a desert island disc you might be inclined to guess a Diana Ross classic or something with the Bee-Gees, but Ru has a surprising choice: the 1998 album, Painted From Memory by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach.

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“So Burt and Elvis created this song for the movie Grace of My Heart, and they loved each other so much they made this album,” he explains. “And it’s a masterpiece.”

Ru goes on about how much he loves Bacharach and Costello, even calling Bacharach an “international treasure.”

“On this album, the track ’This House Is Empty Now’ is beyond. I actually ran into Elvis Costello, and he told me they were turning this album into a Broadway musical,” he said.

Ladies, you might want to listen to his record recommendation ASAP because you never know when a Costello Lip Sync For Your Life could happen in the future!

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