RuPaul & Ari Gold: Interviews & Music Videos!


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Tonight’s the big finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, so here’s a little more RuPaul love for you. It’s an interview that music artist and gay-land celebutante Ari Gold did with Ru recently. These two have been pals for years (Ari even pops up in Ru’s freaky/trashy/fabulous film Starrbooty), so this is very much a gal-pal lovefest.

Ari and Ru take a mini-tour of the RuPaul-inspired drag art show at the World of Wonder gallery in Hollywood, then share tales of Diana Ross!

And both Ari and Ru have hot music videos out now. After the jump, watch Ari’s Click List-topping single “Human.” It’s all very lush and twinkly and something of a tribute to queer art legend James Bidgood (shot by Aaron Cobbett).

Then go watch the crack-a-lackin’ new video for Ru’s “Jealous of My Boogie” which is sort of NSFW, with its mash-up of some straight porn star doing dirty stuff with twitchy Japanimation visuals. It’s completely bizarre and sort of genius.


Ari’s “Human” maxi-single is also available on iTunes, complete with remixes galore!


Gay music and video from

And go watch Ru’s insane “Jealous of My Boogie.” Expect seizures!

And then get Ru’s entire new album of genius-ness, Champion!

More Drag Race mania coming later today…