RuPaul Is The Ant Queen In “Bojack Horseman” Season 4

Plus: Todd comes out as asexual.

The fourth season of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman dropped last week, and the caustic cartoon features a bevy of celebrity voices. Some—like Felicity Huffman, Tim Gunn, Marc Jacobs, and Jennifer Biel—play versions of themselves, but one star plays an otherworldly royal: Emmy winner RuPaul makes a cameo as the queen of a race of subterranean ant people.

Bojack Horseman/Netflix

In Episode Seven, “Underground,” the ants’ home is threatened when fracking causes Mister Peanutbutter’s house to sink into the earth.

There’s some internal strife—mainly female soldier ants upset they don’t get to have sex with the drones—but “Queen Antonia” is mostly aggravated at how human are encroaching on her civilization. “How the hell am I supposed to focus on a great orgy when I’ve got gentrification on my mind?”

Bojack Horseman/Netflix

Can we get an amen?

Season Four also sees Todd Chavez, Bojack’s dorky but lovable ex-sidekick, officially come out as asexual in the culmination of a storyline that started last season. In Episode Three, Todd reconnects with his Bojack after nearly a year apart and reveals he’s accepted his asexuality. (Bojack, the king of inappropriate responses, actually handles the news pretty well.)

Later, Todd meets with other aces and learns a number of them are in can’t have a relationship. It’s one of the first depictions of asexuality on American television, and the writers handled the topic with sensitivity, humor and realism.


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