‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Interview: Pit Crew Jason Carter

The very lovely, and fit, Jason Carter

Jason Carter is one of the most beloved cast members on RuPaul’s Drag Race, even if most viewers probably don’t even know his name. Jason, you see, is one the the strapping young virile men we all know as the Pit Crew. And we were lucky enough to get to know Mr. Carter a little better.

Hey Jason!

Jason landed his role on Drag Race in a rather interesting way. While others went through numerous auditions, Jason went in on the final day of casting at the recommendation of a friend. “I was a dancer teaching a class in Hollywood and one of the producers was in my class and asked if I might be interested in doing the show. He passed along my information and I was part of an email chain for about two months and then I came in for the last day of casting,” he explains.

As for what landed him the gig, it is safe to say the Drag Race audition process is a little different than most audition processes. “I had to dance in my underwear. Dance like a go-go boy in my underwear for the audition.” He got the job.

While Jason may not be seen on set as much as Ru and the queens, he is still working eight to twelve hour days, often in somewhat chilly conditions. “The studio is freezing. Freezing. It is a freezing set.” And we don’t need to remind you just how little poor Jason is wearing…

Most of that time on set is spent sequestered in his dressing room, limiting contact with the cast unless he is filming. That does not mean however that he does not have a few favorites this season.

“I really like everyone. What’s really cool is that these are talented individuals and not just random drag queens,” he says over the phone. “I love Phi Phi [O’Hara] because she is so outspoken and I love Willam because she is so daring and such a character. I love Latrice [Royale] because she has this warm family vibe and reminds me of my aunt. Chad [Michaels] is multi-talented and can play a myriad of different characters. Season four just has so many more ballsy ladies.”

And, as we could not resist, we had to ask who Jason could see potentially winning. “I would have to say Sharon [Needles] or Chad.”

On a final note, for all those hoping to get a body like Jason, there is no easy route. He hits the gym four days a week, dances all the time, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drinks and doesn’t party. It certainly shows.

You can follow Jason yourself on Twitter at @JJCForever or on Facebook here.