RuPaul Drives Sharon Needles… To The Cemetery: WATCH

RuPaul Drives Sharon Needles
Sharon Needles, what are you doing out there in the sun?!  You know that being out in daylight like that will make your skin sizzle!  Get in that car with Momma Ru—she’ll take you to your grave, where you can rest until moonrise.

In the latest episode of RuPaul Drives by World of Wonder, a web series in which The Queen of Queens gives people a lift (literally and spiritually), RuPaul finds the beautiful and spooky Sharon Needles in need of a ride and some life advice.

The two kiki about the necessities of compromise in showbiz, and the delicate balance required in keeping a PG-13 rating:  “Am I just a punk-rock brat that likes pushing people’s buttons and relishing in the negative reactions?”  wonders the hunty from the Haus Of Haunt.  Then, RuPaul drops Miss Needles off where she belongs: by a tombstone.

Check out the video below!

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