Watch RuPaul Play A Gossipy Emmys Statue Who Kikis With Stephen Colbert

“Honey, get out your china because I am ready to spill the tea."

RuPaul’s Drag Race didn’t walk away with an Emmy last night, but viewers at home were still treated to some time with RuPaul. In a fun pre-recorded clip during the awards ceremony the Supermodel of the World played an Emmy statue brought to life for a conversation with host Stephen Colbert.


“Honey, get out your china because I am ready to spill the tea,” Ru (as Emmy) told Colbert after he asked her to dish about other show business awards in her first sit-down interview.

Emmy revealed that she actually had a past with Oscar, the Academy Award, who she used to date but “had to break it off, I just couldn’t trust a man who was naked and holding a sword.” Emmy also said how she would totally date Tony, but his husband “gets so damn jealous.”


She goes on about how “messy” the People’s Choice Award is, and all of the drama queens at Ernst & Young. And what advice does Emmy have for all of the winners who are about to hold her up onstage throughout the night? Watch the video below to find out, but let’s just say that you shouldn’t bring up her weight.

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