How RuPaul Helped “Queer Eye” Star Karamo Brown Come Out

Everybody say love!

It is Pride Month, and the second season of Netflix’s Queer Eye premieres June 15 so the Fab Five are making the press rounds as they gear up for another season of ugly cries and life-changing makeovers.

In a new video, the cast of Queer Eye sat down with Bustle to talk about their own coming out stories, and how even though they seem confident and proud today, it wasn’t always that way for them.


Interior designer Bobby Berk reveals how he ran way from home at the age of 15 because he was outed, and foodie cutie Antoni Porowski confesses that he has talked about his coming out only once before.

In the clip Karamo Brown talks about how he comes from a Jamaican family, and how his father “subscribed” to the homophobia in Jamaica—but seeing drag superstar RuPaul helped Karamo come to terms with his sexuality and be proud of who he was.

“It was something about seeing this African-American man be confident and talk openly about being part of the LGBTQI community,” Karamo reveals, adding that it was after seeing Ru that he started to “test the waters” by slowly coming out to friends.

Everybody say love!

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