RuPaul & Lady Gaga (AKA RuGa) Hung Out Last Night, And We Got The Photos To Prove It

Last night while us mere mortals all sat at home eating leftovers and watching American Horror Story Coven before slowly falling asleep to The Daily Show, two icons were united in Los Angeles to slay us all with their ferocity. In other words, RuPaul and Lady Gaga got together and decided to kick some game.

Thanks to an Instagram photo posted by our pals at World of Wonder, we know that Ru and Gaga, who will from hereon be known as RuGa, were celebrating the completion of Gaga’s upcoming album ARTPOP. Because if you could choose just one person in the world to celebrate anything with, it would totally be Ru.

Oh, and also chilling? Ru’s bestie and makeup man Mathu Andersen.

Now from what we can tell, the pair’s celebration mostly involved them stanning for one another throughout the evening.

Gaga went first:

And then Ru followed her lead:

That being said, Gaga’s greatest tribute to Ru, as is clear in the photos above, is her closeness to God, courtesy of that big, big hair. She sure does know how to make a drag queen proud.

Long live RuGa!