RuPaul, Neil Patrick Harris Are Now On The Sistine Chapel

The holiest thing ever.

What a great start to 2013!

RuPaul, Neil Patrick Harris, Anderson Cooper, John Waters and George Takei have the honor of being painted on Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling. Or at least, Browyn Lundberg’s version of the iconic ceiling. Lundberg is selling prints of this hilarious and incredible piece, entitled “The Creation of Neil,” on etsy for $29.99.

Lundberg said he featured recognizable “out” men because he believes “gay men (and women) have existed since the beginning of time, which is why I think it’s important to include them in historic works of art.”

Good thing Anderson came out this year because we think he’s pretty clutch in his little corner there. (As is center star NPH and RuPaul in a LBD. Amazing.)

Anybody care to send a copy of this to Westboro Baptist as a holiday gift?