RuPaul RuMixes The Classics In New Album, “Remember Me”

He's going back, back, back, to his roots.

Now that the Season 9 queens have been unleashed, Mama Ru has another release up his sleeve: his new album Remember Me, Vol.1!

The collection of songs is a mix of new tunes and some of his biggest hits RuMixed for the dance floor!

rupaul remember me album

The album features new tracks as well as some of Ru’s biggest hits, like “Supermodel” and “House of Love,” with new featured performers like Matt Pop, Ellis Miah, Kummerspeck and Skeltal Ki.

Remember Me is out now so put on your dancing shoes and hit play!


1. Rock It (To The Moon)
2. Just a Lil In & Out
3. Remember Me / Back To My Root
4. Supermodel
5. A Shade Shady (Now Prance)
6. Free 2 Be
7. Call Me Starrbooty
8. A Little Bit of Love
9. Snapshot
10. Do The Right Thing
11. House of Love
12. Mighty Love

ru supermodel

h/t: The WoW Report

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