RuPaul Puts on His Jingle Jammies for Festive Old Navy Commercials

Get cozy, queen!

Usually when we say “old,” we’re talking about Lady Bunny. In this case, we mean the affordable fashion retailer Old Navy, which has a new holiday campaign featuring supermodel of the world, RuPaul.

The Drag Race host will be in a total of five commercials this holiday season, with three of them debuting this week. In the ads, Ru gets cozy in his “jingle jammies,” encouraging other queens out there to get their cozy on. And keep your eyes peeled for Instagrandma icon Baddie Winkle, who also sports the fun and festive pajamas.
“I like to dress up. It’s one of the things I’ve done since I was a kid. Everything—boy clothes, girl clothes, you name it—I just wear it,” Ru said about starring in the holiday campaign. “And most of the times, I do it for myself. Because we’re spending more time at home, I still dress up. Don’t tell anybody but sometimes, I wear some fabulous outfit just watching television. Because I think of it as a dress rehearsal. I wear outfits at home before I take them out on the street.”

It’s not even Halloween yet, but Ru is already kicking off his #RuPaulidays festivities. In addition to the Old Navy commercials, he also released a new EP, Hey Sis, It’s Christmas, which highlights holidays tunes off of his 2018 album Christmas Party.

Could another Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular be far behind? It’s on our Christmas list!

In the meantime, check out Ru’s Old Navy spots below.

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