Watch RuPaul Tell Oprah How He Got Through The Hardest Year Of His Life

"It was really tough. It got really dark."

For 25 years everyone from sitting presidents and celebrities to housewives graced the stage of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Over the course of more than 4,000 shows it seemed that Winfrey had every big name on as a guest—including the world’s most famous drag queen, RuPaul.

In 1995 Ru was on the daytime talk show and sat down with Winfrey to discuss life and his book Letting It All Hang Out, for an episode entitled “Look At Me Now.”


In a clip from the interview, Ru talks to Winfrey about when he left New York back in the ’80s, and moved in with his sister, and how that time was the hardest year of his life. “It was really tough, it got really dark,” said Ru, revealing that he even contemplated suicide.

He tells Winfrey how he kept reminding himself that “bad weather always passes over” to keep from falling deeper into depression: “If you can wait it out, it will pass.”

Looking back he said that his tough year was actually a blessing because he got to “recharge his battery” and remind himself why he was doing drag in the first place.

Winfrey also surprised the audience when she said during the interview that she was friends with drag queens:

“I know a lot of drag queens! Not a lot, but I know a couple of drag queens in my life! I do!” she told the crowd.

Don’t act like you’re surprised.

This wasn’t the last time that Winfrey’s cameras followed the Supermodel of the World. They also caught up with him back in 2013 for the OWN series Oprah: Where Are They Now? where Ru opened up about his relationship with his partner, Georges.

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