RuPaul Reveals Who He Is Rooting For At This Year’s Oscars

"She so deserves it. Her performance is exquisite.”

Drag Race might be a hit on TV, but RuPaul currently has movies on the brain.

The glamazon attended the Sundance Film Festival last week where he participated in a Drag Race retrospective and served as the sole juror for the festival’s NEXT section.

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While he was there he let his cinephile side show and revealed that he is rooting for Call Me By Your Name to take home the gold at this year’s Oscars.

“It’s so beautiful. I loved it so much,” RuPaul told IndieWire. “That last scene in the movie, it just tears me apart.”

The glamazon adds that he hopes the film’s star, Timothée Chalamet, wins the Oscar for best actor, saying that his performance was “beautiful, beautifully done.”

One snub he was not happy with was Michael Stuhlbarg, Elio’s father in the film, who was left out of the supporting actor category.

“The movie is all about that scene with the father,” Ru said. “I wish that he had gotten nominated for an Oscar. That Michael Stuhlbarg, since A Simple Man he’s been in every single movie that’s ever been produced. He is amazing, and that scene with him at the end of the movie is perfection. That’s what it’s all about, that’s what the whole movie is all about. So gorgeous.”

The scene he is referring to is when Stuhlbarg’s character talks about love, and has had fans of Call Me By Your Name debating whether the father revealed he was closeted, but never had a connection like Elio and Oliver (Armie Hammer) do.

“It was left for the viewer to decide. Maybe he had, maybe he hadn’t, maybe he had unrequited,” RuPaul said. “I think it was important to not be specific, so that you could underline and emphasize the feeling over was he or was he not.”

“I think it was more important that [director Luca Guadagnino] left it ambiguous. I thought that was very smart.”

In addition to Call Me By Your Name, Ru is also hoping that Laurie Metcalf will snatch a trophy on Oscar night for her performance in Lady Bird:

“She so deserves it. Her performance is exquisite.”

He also mentioned his love for The Florida Project, and how Dunkirk wasn’t a movie he would normally seek out, but once he watched it he understood why the Academy—and moviegoers—were impressed by the World War II epic.

“It was the movie that I wasn’t attracted to seeing, because I sort of thought, ‘Oh, a war picture,’” he said. “But then when I saw it on the airplane last week, I got it, and it’s so beautiful. It is so fabulous what [director Christopher Nolan] did.”

Will RuPaul be celebrating come Oscar night? Find out when the 90th Academy Awards airs March 4 on ABC.

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