Hot Mexican Guys Love Rihanna & RuPaul: 777 Tour Diary

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The first concert of the 777 is in Mexico City, which looks like New York City’s Canal Street from the bus window as we travel from the airport to the venue. As we drive along suddenly the dollar stores and long distance phone card shops turn into swanky Spanish turn of the century triplexes. WERK!

After sitting in traffic for what seemed to be longer than the director’s cut of Titanic, we finally get to the venue with fans going nuts outside just waiting to get a glimpse of Ms. Ri. The venue, Plaza Condesa, is gorgeous and we enjoyed the view as we waited… and waited… and waited. So why not take pictures of hot Mexican guys holding #CardboardRuPaul? Done and done. I must say that the men of Mexico City are not shy and will let you know how they feel about you with an unending stare down. #IStillGotIt

Rihanna then took the stage and in perfect form. The concert was lip-synced by yours truly, but I’m sure I will grow tired of it by Berlin. (J/K RiRi!)

After the concert we fled to the airport leaving in the wee hours of the morning arriving to the home of 1 Girl 5 Gays, Toronto… 6 hours late. I cannot complain because I now have WiFi and can take a Silkwood Shower. Only a matter of hours before we do it all again — Let Groundhog Day begin!

Rihanna’s 777 Tour Day 1: Rihanna & RuPaul