RuPaul To Uptight Folks: “Why Would You Want To Be Straight?”

Rupaul-WhiteWigGlamazon queen RuPaul sat down with Dazed and Confused to talk about her illustrious career, befriending Kurt Cobain, and how things have changed since “Supermodel” topped the charts 20 years ago. (Yes, child—20 years ago!)

Here are some dishy highlights:

On whether things are better now: “I’m happier. I don’t know about anybody else! I’d like to say yes, we’re in better shape now. There are so many great images for young gay people to see. There’s great promise.”

On being a MAC spokeslady in 1995:  “At that time, MAC was privately owned by these two guys in Toronto, right before they sold it to Estée Lauder. They were mavericks and could take a chance on something that a big corporation would never do, because it’s too risky.”

On Kurt Cobain saying “Supermodel” was the song of the year: “It’s pretty funny. I think he knew that it would shock people. It was a political statement, because he was being embraced by the tried-and-true rock press… They had shown up to see my performance, but I had already gone, because I probably performed at 9pm and they probably got there at 12… And then a few months later, they appeared on my TV Christmas special.”

On straight-acting gays and trying to assimilate: “Today there’s a feeling of openness but there’s still some shame involved, mostly with gay people… There’s this feeling of trying to assimilate, and personally I have no interest in trying to assimilate into the status quo. It’s boring as fuck… It’s such a bore. I mean, why would you want to be straight? Not straight in terms of sexuality, but straight in terms of narrow, like one line that goes up and down.”