The “All Stars” 3 Cast Reveals Which Queen They Would Invite Over For Thanksgiving

"None of them because they all steal."

It’s Thanksgiving again, and you are probably spending the holiday eating with your friends and family, but what if you were able to invite one of the girls from RuPaul’s Drag Race over for Thanksgiving dinner?

That’s the question that was posed to the All Stars Season 3 cast: Who from their cast would they have over to their house for turkey?

Morgan McMichaels says she wouldn’t invite over any of the girls “because they all steal,” but most members of the cast all agreed on their pick for a dinner guest: Ms. Kennedy Davenport.

Apparently when she’s not whooing it up as Little Richard or doing splits while lip syncing, Kennedy has food on the brain.

“Because that girl never stops talking about the food she cooks,” answers BenDeLaCreme on why she picked Kennedy.

Aja and Chi Chi Devayne are also intrigued by the dishes Kennedy is always talking about, so they would invite her too.

But what about Trixie Mattel? Well, she’s a busy girl, so she doesn’t have time for a proper sit-down Thanksgiving meal. Plus, Trixie’s a vegetarian, so she doesn’t eat turkey—she just plays one on UNHhhh.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3 will premiere this winter on VH1.

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