12 Celebrities Who Love “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Hooray for Hollywood!

We all love RuPaul’s Drag Race—even celebrities.

Scroll through to see some of the glamorous stars who are out and proud Drag Race fans.

  1. Rupert Grint

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    “I watch this religiously. I came to it quite late, but I watched every single series in a very short period of time and was completely taken by it. I didn’t know what the drag world was all about so it was really educational,” the Harry Potter actor recently told The Guardian. He loved it so much he even got his dad into it.

  2. Laverne Cox

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    The Orange is the New Black actress loves the fierce queens and attended the Season 9 finale to cheer on her close friend, Peppermint.

  3. Chris Pine

    Chris Pine

    Who can forget the SNL skit where he played a masc mechanic who was a secret Drag Race superfan?

  4. Bjork

    “It’s really life-affirming—but on top of everything else it’s obviously hilarious,” said the singer, who has been known to DJ Drag Race viewing parties. “I know all the queens now by name—we quote it left, right and center.” Plus, how could she not love Katya’s impression of her?

  5. Kate McKinnon

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    “Drag Race is my whole life,” the SNL star revealed during the press tour for Rough Night this past summer. “I don’t know why it tickles me so much,” she added. “I don’t know why it’s become such an important touchstone in my life and my entire heart.”

  6. Andrew Garfield


    He thinks Michelle Visage is “legendary” and loves the queens so much he lip synced for his life during a stop on this year’s Werq the World tour.

  7. John Oliver


    He revealed Drag Race was the only thing that got him through the 2016 Election Night. “I watched five back-to-back episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It was the version of America that I wanted to live in, rather than the one that was unfolding in history.”

  8. Tiffany “New York” Pollard


    The self-proclaimed HBIC shared her dating woes while having a late night brunch with Bob the Drag Queen. Preparing her for her time with Alaska in the Scared Famous house.

  9. Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus/Facebook

    She said meeting Ru was her “Number One dream come true!” and she partied with the queens during the Season 7 finale.

  10. John Mulaney

    Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for FOX

    The comedian has never been shy about sharing his love for Drag Race, especially Bob the Drag Queen.

  11. Sally Jesse Raphael

    She’s such a fan she even rode a rascal scooter through the streets of New York with Season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon.

  12. Jade Thirlwall

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    Thirlwall and the other members of Little Mix are such big fans of Drag Race, they performed “Sissy That Walk” at London’s G-A-Y in 2015, and invited Alaska, Willam and Courtney Act to appear in the music video for their song “Power.”

    When a follower of Thirlwall’s shaded RuPaul on Instagram—writing “How can you support these kind of things? [It’s] not normal at all”—she read him for filth.

    “If you don’t ‘support’ these kind of ‘things’ (assuming you mean drag queens or the gay community) then I suggest you go and comment on somebody else’s Instagram,” Thirlwall replied. “Someone just as homophobic, ignorant and as warped as yourself.”

    And last year, she turned her 25th birthday into a drag-themed extravaganza with queens, voguing and giant fans.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 premieres March 22 at 8/7c on VH1.

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