“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Emmy Report: Let’s All Halleloo At Our Friends At Vulture

Why does this icon not have an Emmy?

Why does this icon not have an Emmy?

Children, we all know RuPaul’s Drag Race is the best reality show on television, and, more importantly, we know RuPaul is the greatest reality show host of all time. (FACT!) So, with this is mind, we must give some major thanks to our friends over at Vulture, who are shining some much deserved light on this show we so dearly know and love.

Can Ru get that much Emmy nomination now folks? Please?

Just yesterday, on the site’s wonderfully curated and much anticipated year end lists, the dazzling show that is Drag Race got props for having the best reality freak-out of the TV season (Sorry Jujubee and Raven, but know that even when hysterical, you girls are fiercer, and prettier, than any ratchet bachelorette. Or genetically modified housewife.), and the best look of the season. (Ivy Winters, you are everything. More so when in stilts.)

And we assume Ru will be snatching the best female performance in a drama crown from that super talented Orphan Black upstart Tatiana Maslany in your list later this week Vulture, right?

So, our eternal thanks to you, our wise and tasteful friends at NY Mag. And, while our original intent was to make some witty joke to end this post, we must say that it would be a very powerful, meaningful and, above all, well-earned moment to see this show, and its iconic host, get some Emmy love this year. Finally.

Very, very powerful.

Let’s make it happen.