“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Episode 6.10 “Don’t Throw Water On That Gremlin”

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka guest judge, as the Queens have to drag a wedding on this episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

This week’s mini-challenge was the most arbitrary of the season, as the Queens had to create a Twerk Of Art that represented marriage equality … by rolling around in paint on top of a canvas. All of the creations looked like … someone had rolled around in paint on top of a canvas, but somehow Ru saw something special in Bianca’s piece, so she got the win.

For the main challenge, Ru announces that he’s an ordained minister, and will be conducting marriage ceremonies on the main stage, and it’s up to the Queens to give drag makeovers (and act as the Drag Mothers) … but not to the brides-to-be, but the grooms, who are mostly varying degrees of Paul Bunyan.

So how did the Queens do? Let’s take a look, from winner to elimination.

Bianca Del Rio – Once again, she’s the Dream Queen of the competition, from winning the mini-challenge to the main stage. Her groom’s dress was a bit boring, but she made up for it by being the ultimate Drag Mother on the runway, and her quick wit was razor sharp. “How are you going to feminize the face?” “I’m going to ask everyone to step back.”

BenDeLaCreme – It’s pretty clear at this point that Bianca and Dela are headed to the finals, and the only question is who will fill the third slot. She made her Drag Daughter feel at ease, and it showed on the runway.

Courtney Act – She was safe, but this is the first time I felt she was in real trouble, especially since she appeared to be receiving the “Elimination Edit” (in which a Queen is constantly shown talking about how confident or nervous they are). Luckily, there were a few queens who were even worse this week.

Darienne Lake – She had one of the toughest makeovers, as the Groom wanted a goth look, but I have to agree with Neil’s assessment that it came off as more “New Jersey Housewife,” and Darienne’s look was horrendous.

Adore Delano – Oh dear. Adore went on and on about how she didn’t know how to sew, and that was evident. Her look didn’t say ’Drag Mother,” it said “Frankenhooker,” and tell me her Drag Daughter isn’t a dead ringer for Big Ang.

Joslyn Fox – Enough already. Admittedly, Joslyn had the one Groom who did not want to be there, and said ridiculous, eye-rolling things about … gay men in the shower looking at him … but Joslyn did Brandon no favors with the abysmal makeup and dress. As Bianca pointed out in the line of the night “Remember that one girl Gremlin? Don’t throw water on that Gremlin, he will multiply.” Michelle calls the look “Schlump in Heels,” and after Brandon blows chunks on the runway, even Neil chimes in “I feel so bad that Brandon got sick, but I would have too if I lifted the veil and I looked like that.”

So Adore and Joslyn lip-synch, and Joslyn is eliminated. With Bianca and DeLa pretty much inevitable, who should get the third slot, Adore, Courtney, or Darriene?

Here’s the full episode.

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