“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Episode 6.3 “Scream Queens”

This season of RuPaul’s Drag Race upended the rules, as 2 groups of queens were introduced separately, and that decision is obviously going to impact the entire season.

Both groups became instant cliques (thank Goddess they’ve stayed away from any “Heather” references), and when it’s time to choose two teams this week, they keep their original groups. Unfortunately, for Group One (led by Adore Delano), it may not last long, as they are clearly the weakest team, and expect to see their clique whittled away each week.

This week the challenge is to act in a drag horror movie franchise, and it features guest judges Lena Headey and Linda Blair, and let’s just say that nothing on display here can come close to matching Linda’s performance in Hell Night.

Darienne Lake wins the challenge with her spot-on impersonation of Gwyneth Paltrow in Seven, while April Carrion and Vivacious (for the second time) have to lip-synch.

Sadly, Vivacious has to sashay away, when it’s pretty clear that Adore should have been in the bottom two. She was pathetically incompetent as group leader and in the horror movie, and it’s pretty clear they’re keeping her around for the drama and the intrigue of having an American Idol loser in the game.

She’s not the worst queen, though.

Gia Gunn is nasty, hateful, and rude. Those things I could overlook, but she’s also dumb as a rock (in fact, a few queens this season seem to revel in their cluelessness. Thank god for Bianca and Courtney, who are both smart and self-aware)

Here’s the full episode. The 80’s horror movie is paaainful to watch.

And here’s Untucked, in which Adore learns she’s way out of her league if she wants to read Bianca.

And here’s the invaluable Pandora Boxx with her take on Episode Three.

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