“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Episode 6.5 “Snatch Game!”

It’s always the most eagerly anticipated episode of every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and this year’s “Snatch Game” featured the usual assortment of standouts and duds. How did each of the Queens fare? Let’s take a look, from winner to the worst.

BenDeLaCreme – She was a bit nervous about taking on Dame Maggie Smith, but she nailed the Snatch Game with her quips and retorts (and it helped that she had Trinity next to her to cluelessly set her up). She also had one of the better runway looks (the queens have to deliver their best RuPaul look), and she deserved the win, although I would have put her in a tie with …

Bianca Del Rio – I would have put her slightly over BenDeLaCreme’s Maggie Smith with her Judge Judy, as it was a perfect fit and she had a ball with it, but her Ru runway look was a disappointment.

Adore Delano – Everyone loved her Anna Nicole Smith, but I don’t think she’s a difficult character to pull off (my mother can do it), and Adore’s runway Ru was subpar. Still, she was in the top three.

Darienne Lake – She took on Paula Deen, and managed a few good one-liners, but was overshadowed by the top queens. She was safe.

Joslyn Fox – Skewering Real Housewife Theresa Guidice, Joslyn had a lot fun with the last name and Theresa’s stupidity. She was safe.

Courtney Act – Her Fran Drescher was bland and forgettable, but she made up for it with her runway Ru. She was safe.

Trinity K. Bonet – I realize she’s new and nervous, but you’ve got to at least try, and her Nicki Minaj was terrible, consisting of a wig change … and that’s it. She didn’t even try to get the voice right! Well, at least we didn’t have to endure her Beyonce. Somehow, she missed the bottom three … because the bottom three were even worse.

Milk – I just don’t know what to make of Milk anymore. She marches to her own drummer, which is wonderful, but you’ve got to know the time and place. Her Julia Child fell flat, and she made a huge roll of the dice when her Ru Runway look was … male Ru. It was a ballsy move, and she was ultimately rewarded, but it could easily have been a misguided mess.

Laganja Estranja – Honey, calm down. This is getting ridiculous. I like Laganja, but her Robotic Rachel Zoe was awful (something she did cop to), and in the last couple of episodes, she’s been careening off the tracks into trainwreck territory. She was in the bottom two, but managed to snatch victory from the flapping jaws of this week’s eliminated queen.

Gia Gunn – Snatch Game has been the most well-known part of Drag Race for years, so if you know that, and you must know that, why wouldn’t you put at least a little thought beforehand on what character you want to bring to the show? Why would you choose … Selena? Ru was speechless, and gingerly tried to recommend a… different direction. Unfortunately, Gia replaced Selena with One Of The Three Witches From Hamlet, and even blew that. She had to lip-synch against Laganja, and had to sashay away

Here’s the full episode. How do you think this Snatch Game compares to previous seasons. I was hoping for another Jinkx/Little Edie instant classic, but they have been lightning in a bottle.

And here’s Untucked, as the queens try to reassure Trinity, who reveals something unexpected.

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