“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Episode 6.6 “Oh No She Betta Don’t”

The queens are challenged to rap in a TLC-inspired 90s music video on this episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, with special guest judges Trina and Eve.

Ru opens the library for the mini-challenge, and after the Queens read each other to varying degrees of success, the winner is not Bianca, as you’d probably expect, but Darrien, who seems to have been passed the bitter torch from the departed Gia Gunn.

The 90’s rap battle begins, and some stood out more than others. Here’s how the Queens did, from winner to elimination.

Adore Delano – Both Trina and Eve believe that Adore nailed the rap, and while I think that may be overpraise, I do agree that she was the … least incompetent, which is good enough. However, Michelle had to point out again that her runway look had problems. Still, it was enough to give Adore her first win.

Bianca Del RioSantino may have hated it, but I loved her butch pigtail look. Pigtails, people! And she looked gorgeous on the runway.

Joslyn Fox – Her rap was acceptable, but that runway look was horrendous. She looked like the Katamari Damacy ball after it had rolled through West Hollywood.

BenDeLaCreme – She’s quickly becoming one of my favorites, but she was in the middle of the pack this week, even with her Liz Taylor look.

Courtney Act – She got her first warning from Ru about relying on pretty, and she had a brilliant suggestion in Untucked about switching looks next week with Milk. Unfortunately, she won’t get that chance.

Laganja Estranja – Her rap look was bizarre, but she kept the histrionics to a minimum this week, and that was enough to make it to the safe room.

Darienne Lake – As I mentioned, she’s now the mean one after Gia is gone, and it’s not a good look. Her rap was the worst of the entire bunch, and her runway look was dull, dull, dull. How in the hell she wasn’t in the bottom two is a mystery.

Trinity K. Bonet – She had the best rap look, but the rap itself was a mess. And when she actually stood on stage and said “I’ve never been a queen to make excuses,” well, I think this reaction says it all.

Milk – Her rap was awkward and laughable (and not in a good way), and her big chance to show glamor on the runway was a huge dud.

Here’s the full episode. Trinity and Milk lip-synch for their lives, and Milk ends up … curdled.

And here’s Untucked, as the queens are haunted by an unwanted ghost

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