“Rupaul’s Drag Race” Episode 6.9 “Meaty Tuck”

The queens host their own talk shows on this episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, with special guest judges ChadChaz Bono, Georgia Holt and Paula Abdul.

The mini-challenge is a lot of fun, as the Queens have to play hangmanhungman with the Scruff Pit Crew. I love that Adore gets “Hasselhoff” with just an “A” and the clue “Big In Germany.”

Ru’s clue for the main challenge is “Heeeeere’s Ru!” and Adore immediately exclaims “We have to box each other!,” drawing blank stares from the rest of the queens. Actually, the Queens have to host their own talk shows, as they interview Chaz Bono and Cher’s mother Georgia Holt.

So how did the Queens do? Let’s take a look, from winner to elimination.

Courtney Act – She seems destined for the top three as she wins her second challenge. Georgia and Chaz feel the most comfortable talking to her (and there was some flirting going on between Courtney and Chaz). For the runway, the Queens have to present their best animal look, and Courtney was spectacular.

BenDeLaCreme – After a couple of shaky episodes, DeLa came back strong this week, as she had a great interview with Chaz and and Georgia, and she went all out for the runway challenge … as a fly!

Bianca Del Rio – If she had more time with the interview, she might have been able to pull it off, but she neglected to ask Georgia a single question, and that cost her major points. Her runway look was okay, but it was basically a sarong and some body paint.

Darienne Lake – Okay, girl needs to superglue her accessories on, because this is like the third time something has fallen off her body during a challenge. Georgia likes the interview, but I agree with Santino that she seemed very nervous.

Joslyn Fox – Where to begin? When Ru asks her what her opening line in the interview will be, she says “Please welcome someone who came out of Cher’s vagina, and the vagina Cher came out of.” Ru looks appalled and says “We’re getting down to the last few girls, and when the gumbo gets thinned out, it’s a little tough.” Joslyn’s response: A giggle followed by “I like gumbo.” Who is she, Homer Simpson? She does okay in the interview until she makes the horrible misstep of asking Georgia her thoughts on abortion. It brings the interview to a screeching halt. Later, she would reveal that she brought it up because Georgia discussed it in a Lifetime documentary, but THIS was not the time and place for that discussion. Plus her runway look was awful, with Michelle uttering those soon to be iconic words “That is one MEATY TUCK.” Somehow … somehow … she’s not in the bottom two.

Adore Delano – She was a bundle of nerves and tics during the interview, and there was nothing “animal” about her runway look. She was responsible for my favorite line of the night, during the assessment, when Ru says “You make one misstep …” and Michelle quips “Then Merle comes back?”

Trinity K. Bonet – Ugh. After a couple of episodes in which it seemed like she was finding her footing, Trinity committed the ultimate interview sin. She kept referring to Chaz as … Chad. That doomed her to the bottom two, even though her runway look was one of the best of the night. There’s a lot of chatter about Trinity being in the bottom two, but she absolutely deserved it because of that interview.

So Adore and Trinity lip-synch, and Trinity is eliminated. What did you think? Did Trinity deserve to go home? Should Joslyn have been in the bottom two?

Here’s the full episode.

And here’s Untucked, as Joslyn discusses the interview, and Darrien is finally called out.

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