‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Valentine’s Day Cards: Get Them Here


There is one gift everyone wants this Valentine’s Day, and one gift only. Forget Hallmark, forget flowers and you sure as hell better forget that chocolate, as all that special person in your life really needs is a RuPaul’s Drag Race Valentine’s Day card.

Check out our many, many options below, and for all you heterosexual ladies, we can assure you that your men will love these gems.

Happy Valentine’s Day hunties!

VDAY-V1-Untucked VDAY-V2-Heartbeat VDAY-V1-BeMine VDAY-V2-Wig VDAY-V1-Drag VDAY-V2-Fish VDAY-V1-Library VDAY-V2-Amen VDAY-V1-Superstar VDAY-V2-LipSynch VDAY-V1-Sashay