RuPaul’s New Video “Geronimo”: A Majestic Celebration Of Ass


I don’t know if you heard — you sickening, fishy, library-frequenting hunties — but RuPaul’s Drag Race is back for its sixth season tonight. Who will replace Jinkx Monsoon as the new high priestess of Yma Sumac-tinged vaudeville? I suggest we tune in and see.

But before that, please be aware that RuPaul has a new video and it’s catchy as hell. “Geronimo” is, in fact, not a ballad about Apache legends, but a thumping dance timbebomb about hos falling like dominoes and the charming elasticity of bouncing ass. It’s a draggy, saucy sequel to Ke$ha’s “Timber,” and in case you need a glossary of Ru’s ingenious “Geronimo” rhymes, I’ve compiled it here: Game of Thrones, Guantanamo, the Alamo, Home Alone, Romeo, Sharon Stone, and Al Capone. What, was there no room for Al Jarreau, Ru?