Rupert Everett Tells Gay Actors To Stay In The Closet: Video

Rupert Everett has an opinion people and, as always, he is ready to share it with everyone. How nice for all of us!

In a recent interview, Rupert again harped on the fact that he feels young gay actors should stay in the closet so they do not hurt their chances of having a career in Hollywood. So heads up Matt Bomer, Andrew Rannels, Ezra Miller, Neil Patrick Harris and Chris Colfer, even though all five of you have careers that are better than Rupert’s ever was.

When Rupert was presented with this above fact in the interview, and then asked if maybe it was perhaps some questionable decisions that he has made in his past that prohibited him from getting roles, he told the interviewer; “Who’s to know? I don’t think so.”

Watch part of the interview above.

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