Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church Members

Two members of the Westboro Baptist Church appeared on Russell Brand’s “tele program” Brand X, promptly labeling their gracious host a “Fag Pimp.”

Vitriolic attacks notwithstanding, it was an informative dialogue. Here’s what we learned:

  • Russell Brand is going to hell.
  • The whole audience is going to hell.
  • Madonna, Mahatma Gandhi, and “definitely” Tom Hanks are going to hell.
  • If you’re British, a “fag pimp” is the guy at your local newsstand.
  • Love isn’t actually love; It’s most likely hate.
As most members of the Westboro Baptist Church spend more time talking about gay sex than most gay people, Brand questioned their myopic ramblings. “What do you think god thinks about the ecological disaster and the growing power of corporations?” asked Brand. “Don’t you think he is worried about that, more than the bumming?”