Russell Crowe To Sing At The Oscars. Yay?

Never mind Zero Dark Thirty. The only film controversy we’re interested this year is whether Les Mis was the best movie of the year or an unmitigated piece of merde. It was a surprisingly divisive film, though luckily there’s one thing pretty much everyone could agree on – Russell Crowe is not a good singer.

Despite this universally acknowledged fact, however, he will be joining a slew of Les Mis cast members as part of the Academy Awards’ tribute to the resurgence of movie musicals. We don’t know how Crowe got Oscar producers to go along with his performance – possibly by threatening to throw a telephone at them.

Then again, we could all be wrong and it could be that Crowe is a terrific actor after all, extremely adept at playing a terrible singer.

Actors are so tricky.

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