Russell Tovey On “Looking” Sex Scenes With Jonathan Groff: “Your Hands Go Everywhere, And It’s Fine”


Things will most definitely be heating up between Russell Tovey, Jonathan Groff and Raul Castillo in Looking’s three-way love triangle when the show returns to HBO next month.

Tovey has opened up on the steamy tryst, which developed during the show’s debut season this year, as well as the perks of filming gay sex scenes with another out actor, and what we should expect from his character, Kevin, in the coming season (spoiler: it’s a rim job).

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On the Season 2 premiere, which finds cast on the Russian River, Tovey told Pride Source:

Season 2’s gonna pick up three months on with the fallout from that experience with Patrick, Kevin and Richie (Patrick’s boyfriend played by Raul Castillo). They go away on a big adventure and it all unravels. What it means is there’s gonna be tension, and what unfolds is going to be very good television.

He also revealed there will be even more risqué scenes between him and Groff. Asked about the difference between shooting sex scenes with women, straight men and another gay guy, Tovey said working with another gay man “makes it so much more relaxed.”

With Jonathan, doing these sex scenes just feels so cool. We’re such good mates now, and we laugh and we love doing our scenes together. You can do anything; your hands go everywhere, and it’s fine. Neither of us at any point feels uncomfortable, and that’s why it’s so good. We just completely trust each other, and we go for it.

Neither of us hold back or feel any pang of responsibility for the other one when it comes to that. We just trust each other on a completely open level. Either of us could go to the other, “Hey, you should put your dick in there.” (Laughs)

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As for his newfound fans in San Francisco, he said “everyone is very respectful. I don’t ever feel under threat or in a rape-y situation. It feels like they are thrilled that we’re there, and we are thrilled to be there. It’s a mutual love for the city and us, which is nice.”

And regarding that giant “rim job” cake he recently received on set for his 33rd birthday, Tovey says it may provide a giant clue into Season 2. “Ahh, as the season goes on you’ll see where that comes from,” he laughed.

Looking Season 2 premieres Sunday, January 11, at 10pm on HBO.

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