Etsy, BoBo Babushka

These John Waters Inspired Russian Nesting Dolls Are Everything

Each set is based off one of the director's most popular films.

Etsy seller BoBo Babushka is well-known for creating fabulous Russian nesting dolls inspired by cult TV shows and movies, but her latest offering might just be the most divine one yet.

john waters russian dolls
Etsy, BoBo Babushka

The newest collection features dolls from some of legendary director John Water’s most beloved films.

In addition to the Pink Flamingos set, Babushka is selling dolls based off of Female Trouble:

john waters female troubles


john waters polyester

As well as an entire set dedicated to the iconic Divine herself:

john waters divine

Check out Bobo Babushka’s full store, here.

h/t: LGBTQ Nation

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