Well, we found the closest thing you may ever see to seeing Ryan Gosling in Brokeback Mountain: “Ryan Gosling’s Acting Range,” a Funny or Die sketch that asks what happens with The Gos opens a ranch that specializes in his wide canon of actorly abilities.

As the heartthrob behind the wheel in Drive and the guns in Gangster Squad, Nick Carirossi does a pitch-perfect impression of the Canadian actor with the uncanny ability to channel New Yorkese in virtually every character he inhibits. And that includes guys from “Brooklyn, New York, uptown, downtown,” and, “Williams-boy-ugh,” which is how we will be pronouncing it from here on out.

Don’t be surprised when the sketch trails off into absurdist territory, sacrificing any remaining bits of logic for the sake of Gosling’s maintenance of that mysterious-vagabond-hipster vibe. Just the way we like it!

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