E! Shows the Wisdom of Ryan Lochte, “Dexter” Readies Its Final Season and “Southland” Rises


According to The Hollywood Reporter NeNe Leakes is the latest woman from one of the Real Housewives shows to get a spin-off series that begins with the planning of a wedding.

This year’s E!’s Save One Show is out, and the choices include a few TBL-faves like The Carrie Diaries, The New Normal and Happy Endings. You know what to do.

The Carrie DiariesSo many choices, but its hard to walk away from Walt.

FX has ordered a comedy starring George Lopez. Saint George will follow a Mexican-American businessman and follow the model of Anger Management where episodes will be quickly produced to sell them in syndication sooner.

After a lot of speculation, Showtime finally confirmed that Dexter will end this season. Let’s be thankful Showtime’s not playing coy with Dexter’s end date the way they did with Weeds.

In disappointing news, Deadline reports that Giovanni Ribisi has replaced Tommy Dewey on the upcoming Fox sitcom Dads. I like Ribisi, but after his Mindy Project run, I was really looking forward to seeing more of Dewey.

mindyproject-tdeweyHow can Dads pass up on this?

The NAACP is criticizing CNN for its misreporting that there was a suspect for the Boston Marathon bombing and the way the news network felt the need to repeatedly tell viewers that the suspect was a “dark-sinned male.”

It’s starting to sound like the story of how All My Children and One Life to Live transitioned from the airwaves to online could inspire quite a soap itself. Deadline reports that the production company taking the two soaps to the web, Prospect Park, is suing ABC accusing the network of sabotaging the effort. A lot of the accusation is focused on OLTL characters that were “on loan” to General Hospital including killing off some of those characters off screen. Excuse me, I’m going to pop some popcorn.

 SouthlandSouthland: Too good to say goodbye.

The Southland season finale saw ratings jump by 15% from the previous week and about 55% from the season premiere. Let’s hope that’s good enough to get a sixth season… or, at least, a wrap-up movie.

In 2011, the Emmy Awards combined the categories for TV movies and miniseries, due to the small number of mini-series being made. Now, thanks to more miniseries being made (along with series like American Horror Story and Missing deciding to compete as miniseries), the miniseies categories are returning, at least the acting categories.

Friday’s Listings

Friday Night Spotlight (TCM) 8:00 PM ET
Tonight’s movie night turns its attention to professional women with His Girl Friday at 8PM, Woman of the Year at 10PM , Tender Comrade at Midnight and The Devil and Miss Jones at 2AM.

Nikita (CW) 8:00 PM ET
Sensing there are only a handful of episodes left in the season, Amanda speeds up her plans and manages to get Nikita in her conditioning chair. As dark as that gets, that probably can’t compare with the death of one of Nikita’s allies. There’s also supposed to be a Mikita shower scene so at least there’s some sexy to go with the depressing.

Happy Endings

Happy Endings (ABC) 8:00 PM ET
Tonight’s double-feature sees Alex and Dave coach Max as he enters the Mr Gay Gay Chicago pageant (I guess there wasn’t a Mr. “Not Your Usual Gay Guy” Gay Chicago Pageant, or maybe even ABC is getting tired of that… nah), the return of Max’s ex-roommate Chase (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), who can’t get his revenge on Max until Max has a better life, and Penny’s rebound relationship (he knows what cars are).

Da Vinci’s Demons (Starz) 9:00 PM ET
Leonardo may be most interested in the Book of Leaves but if he’s going to be able to keep searching for it, he’s going to have to start designing war machines that please the Medicis a lot more. Meanwhile, if they’re going to keep us watching, they’re going to have to let a few more gay characters survive a sexual encounter.


Grimm (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
Nick expands his portfolio to include fighting demons as he tries to prevent a volcano from destroying Portland. Volcano. Sigh, I guess I should stop hoping for an episode where Nick meets Madame Pele.

Out There (IFC) 10:00 PM ET
For the first season finale, Chad gets access to the cool yearbook kids’ clique (wait, yearbook? what?) thanks to his nifty doodling. That just leaves the question of how his conscience will end up bringing him back to being one of the unpopular kids.


Saturday’s Listings

Call Me Crazy (Lifetime) 8:00 PM ET
Lifetime tackles mental illness with this anthology movie that collects short films starring Jennifer Hudson, Melissa Leo, Sarah Hyland and Lea Thompson.

Doctor Who (BBC America) 8:00 PM ET
We’re due for a spooky episode so the Doctor and Clara are helping a professor (Dougray Scott) track down a ghost known as the Witch of the Well.

Doctor Who

Smash (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
The next major obstacle for “Bombshell” is a case of nerves on Ivy’s part and, worse, continued tension between Eileen and Richard. I guess this is the kind of problem that can’t be addressed by throwing a drink in someone’s face. Not that I’d complain if Eileen tried.

Mary & Martha (HBO) 8:00 PM ET
It must be a night for tearjerker movies. Lifetime has a movie about families dealing with mental illness while HBO has a movie about two women (Hilary Swank and Brenda Blethen) who deal with their sons’ deaths from malaria by fighting for its prevention. This one also has Frank Grillo, which I know will please at least one TBL reader. Unless I dreamed that comment. Sometimes I have dreams about reading comment threads, I don’t know if that’s healthy.

marymarthaHBO’s Mary & Martha

Supah Ninjas (Nick) 9:00 PM ET
Mike and Amanda’s fun day ends up getting marred by an injury sustained when auditioning for a game show… which sounds like the perfect plot to go with a revival of Legends of the Hidden Temple, except Nick isn’t smart enough to bring its greatest game show back.

Orphan Black (BBC America) 9:00 PM ET
Oboy, so the clones have been getting killed by another clone, but with River Song’s curls? We knew the killer was trouble but that just seems like a call for Felix to scream and find a hiding spot.

The Nerdist (BBC America) 10:00 PM ET
This show started with one Lord of the Rings star, and this week Eljah Wood sits on one of Chris’ chairs, along with Ben Schwrtz and Kumail Nanjiani. Katie Crown provides the night’s comedy performance.

LovestruckLovestruck: The Musical

Sunday’s Listings

Lovestruck: The Musical (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
Disney fans might be familiar with Drew Seeley, who was in the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid and the tour of High School Musical: The Concert. Seeley gets a national spotlight from ABC Family’s latest movie, which follows a Broadway star (Jane Seymour) who manages to drop 30 years but can’t think of anything better to do with her newfound youth than to sabotage her daughter’s wedding.

The Amazing Race (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
We’re down to the final five and while it looks like the chances are okay that no teams that annoy me will end up in the final three, at least I won’t have to hear Wynonoa start any more sentences with “I can’t…”

All the President’s Men Revisited (Discovery) 8:00 PM ET
With the Watergate scandal 40 years behind us, Robert Redford is revisiting the story by chatting with his All the President’s Men co-star Dustin Hoffman, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodard. Now, who will commemorate the anniversary with a pop-up annotated edition of Dick?

goodwife-421“A courtroom is so much nicer than a hospital. Just saying.”

The Good Wife (CBS) 9:00 PM ET
Alicia learns that a favor to her mother never goes unpunished as she takes on a case that has unforseen consequences. We viewers, however, get to enjoy a guest-appearance by Carla Buono along with the return of Mamie Gummer.

Chopped (Food Network) 9:00 PM ET
It’s time for the judges to show how they can handle the mystery baskets with Alex Guarnaschelli, Amdanda Freitag, Marc Murphy and Scott Conant facing the Chopped clock. I hope Alex’s makes her underwhelmed face when she opens her mystery basket.

Remember Sunday (ABC) 9:00 pm ET
Have you ever wanted to see a Hallmark Hall of Fame take on Fifty First Dates with the genders flipped? That’s what ABC is offering as Alexis Bledel falls for a clerk who lost his short-term memor thanks to a brain aneurism.

“Someday there will be moving pictures, including ones where you are slapped again and again, Joffrey.”

Game of Thrones (HBO) 9:00 PM ET
Margaerry takes Joffrey out of his comfort zone” and I bet she doesn’t think about all the misery that means for Sansa or the pain it means for the servants.

American Dad (Fox) 9:30 PM ET
If Saturday was tearjerker movie night, Sunday is amnesia night with American Dad giving Stan memory loss. However, since this is a Seth MacFarlane comedy and not a Hallmark movie, amnesia is seen as an opportunisy for Francine to mold Stan to become her dream husband.

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? (E!) 10:00 PM ET
I’ve discussed my love of sitcom airheads before. The mix of general confusion and accidental wisdom never fails to entertain me, whether that comes from Gracie Allen, Rose Nylund or Alex Kerkovich. There’s a delicate balancing act to characters like these. Somehow, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte manages to live and breathe on that fine line, as the trailer for this show has taught us and this is looking like the most amazing reality show in ages.

What Would Ryan Lochte Do?
“Are you sure this is how you get fitted for cufflinks?”

Vikings (History) 10:00 PM ET
It’s time for Uppsalla, a traditional pilgrimage to thank the gods, but with a recent family tragedy Ragnar and Lagertha have more questions than thanks.

Mad Men (AMC) 10:00 PM ET
The SCDP guys try to keep a “secret campaign” from getting noticed. I think that means they’re working on promoting upcoming Mad Men episodes.

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