Ryan Lochte Reality Show Cancelled, For Now

Ryan Lochte Prince Harry

Ryan Lochte is an amazing swimmer, having taken home eleven Olympic medals (five gold, three silver, three bronze), currently holding three individual world records and looking better than any man in the world in a Speedo. Sadly, Ryan Lochte is not a good actor, and for this reason E! has canceled his reality series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?.

That’s right friends, after one glorious season where we learned that what good old Ryan would do is drink, poorly hit on girls and bro out with his bros, E! is pulling the plug.

To be fair, Ryan came off as a lovely guy on the show, it’s just that Ryan was such a bad actor it seemed he had trouble playing himself. But hey, at least the kid’s got an Olympic career, and millions of dollars to fall back on. Oh, and sources say E! may work with him again.

Come back soon Ryan!

h/t: TV Line