Ryan Murphy On Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris’ Roles On “American Horror Story: Freak Show”

american horror story freak show

We’re stil getting nightmares from Thursday’s premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show, but Ryan Murphy is already teasing what’s to come this season in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. We won’t spoil what happens to Dot and Bette, Elsa or Lobster Boy, but we were curious where Matt Bomer was going to fit into this season.

Would Murphy—gasp!—disfigure the Magic Mike XXL hottie and make him one of the carny folk?

matt bomerDo you know what Matt Bomer is playing?
Yeah, we wrote that part. Then I wrote Matt said and said you have first offer of refusal. He said “What is it?” because he was getting ready to do Magic Mike XXL. When I told him the role, he immediately said yes and cut a week out of his schedule and came down to New Orleans and shot that episode which might be one of our most horrendous episodes ever. But Matt loved doing it.

Is he part of the freak show?
Mmm… I don’t wanna say too much because I think if I say one thing it will give it away. But it’s something Matt has never played before, which was interesting for him.

As for Neil Patrick Harris, who’s expressed an interest in appearing on the show, Murphy says its still a distinct possibility. “He sort of had an idea of what he wanted to do, and I had an idea that he liked,” he tells EW. “So I’m going to call him next week. If I can make it work, it will be something that shoots at the end,”

What his role will be is unknown, but Murphy remarked  “obviously Neil is a magician and likes all that magic stuff… I’m optimistic.”

And fans of AHS regular Jamie Brewer should know Murphy wants to squeeze her in this season, as well. ” I like our troupe of people to come in and out. Sometimes it’s a whole season long arc and sometimes its an episode,” he reveals. “All of our people I always try to keep their hand in in some regard.”

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