Ryan Murphy Joins Twitter, Promises Unreleased ‘Glee’ Scene

Ryan Murphy joins Twitter.

Ryan Murphy, the showrunner behind Glee, American Horror Story and the upcoming The New Normal, finally joined Twitter yesterday with a welcome from his Glee star, Lea Michele.  Today, Murphy has started engaging with fans of Glee who were ripe with questions for Murphy about the show, characters and what to expect. So far, what we’ve learned from Murphy about Season four:

– He’d like Blaine Anderson’s mother to be played by Catherine Zeta Jones.

– The first group number of season four is Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”

– Kurt, who missed out on his college dreams in NYC, will head to the city to work at Vogue.com

– The writers are working on an episode titled “The Break-Up”

– Sam and Mercedes are through and Sam has a new girlfriend this year

Murphy also promised that when he reaches 500,000 Twitter followers he’ll release “The Box Scene,” which is an unreleased Kurt and Blaine scene from the Christmas episode where Blaine gifts Kurt a promise ring made out of gum wrappers. Promotional images of the scene were released, but it didn’t appear in the holiday episode last season. Fans found a charity auction for the episode’s script and banded together to raise enough money to win it, and then some — $14,000 in total — to donate to Project Angel Food, which delivers meals to those affected by HIV and AIDS.  Fingers crossed they can be as successful in getting Murphy followers to see the actual scene in question!

Rae Votta (@RaeVotta) is not ashamed to admit she now follows Ryan Murphy on Twitter.