Ryan Reynolds Fantasizes About Chris Pine’s Nuts


Deadpool hottie Ryan Reynolds recently took to Twitter to help settle a dispute about which of the Kardashian sisters is pregnant.

Most of the responses were some form of “who cares”—but one tweeter asked a question back to Reynolds. A question we never knew we needed the answer to:

Which Hollywood Chris does he think is the hottest? Pratt, Hemsworth or Evans?

Reynolds wasn’t about to let this question slip by unanswered. Instead of picking just one Chris, he compared the hunky trio to scoops of ice cream—and when Reynolds gets the dairy dessert he splurges on three scoops.

Not only that but he would sprinkle the three scoops of Chris ice cream “generously with Pine nuts.”

See what he did there? He even included Hollywood’s other hottest Chris, Captain Kirk, himself, Chris Pine.

Does Blake Lively know about his ice cream crush? And can we make Reynolds an honorary member of the Hollywood Chris Club—or at least get him a role in the next Star Trek movie?

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