Ryan Reynolds And Josh Brolin Show Off What’s Under Their “Deadpool 2” Costumes

It's a super ab-off!

Now this is a social media rivalry we can support.

Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, who are suiting up to play mutants Deadpool and Cable in next summer’s Deadpool 2, each shared a peek at their superheroic physiques this week in competing Instagram posts.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefield fired the first shot of a shirtless and jacked Brolin, writing, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. I see the most awesome #Cable of all!! Crikey!!!”

Not to be outdone, Reynolds’ personal trainer, Don Saladino, clapped back with a photo of a shirtless and ripped Reynolds, teasing Brolin, “you still have some work to do.” He also linked to Reynolds’ new Men’s Health cover story.

But even Liefield liked what he saw, reposting Reynolds’ pic and responding, “Man, Deadpool 2 is like a fitness guru’s dream. Get ready for the gun show between Cable & Deadpool.” Bang, bang.

Brolin has also been going full beast mode to promote his new athletic fashion line, Prevail Activewear. He has a limited-edition line called Cableswole in honor of his Deadpool character.

And with a body like Deadpool’s, the arguably pansexual mercenary should have no problem getting the boyfriend that Reynolds said he wants for the character.

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