Ryan Seacrest Totally Not Gay, Says Gay Employee

ryan seacrest gay

Is this the face of a gay man?

Reza Farahan, the proudly gay and proudly stached star of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, has something very, very important he needs to tell y’all — Ryan Seacrest totally doesn’t like the boys. No siree Bob, that Seacrest is all about the ladies.

Farahan told Huff Po, “Ryan is not gay. I’m 100 percent sure. If you spend two minutes in his presence, you would never ask that question.”

Did we mention Seacrest is Farahan’s boss?

The Sunset star also said of Seacrest, who has been dating actress and dancer Julianne Hough for two-years now; “He’s amazing. He’s such an accomplished human being. He’s so positive and he’s motivating. When you are around him, you don’t focus on what he’s wearing or whom he’s with, it’s kind of like, wow, this young entrepreneur has built this huge empire. You get caught up in what this person has done in the world rather than who he has done. The rumors are stupid.”

So there you have it America! Ryan Seascrest is positive, smart and super, super straight.

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