Sam Smith Releases New Single “Drowning Shadows,” Calls It “Saddest Song I’ve Ever Written”

""Brace yourself…. It’s a sad one."

Sam Smith debuted his newest song, “Drowning Shadows,” on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show today—and it’s a real tearjerker.

“’Drowning Shadows’ is the saddest song I’ve ever written and the least radio-friendly song I’ve ever written,” the out Grammy winner exclaimed “I wanted to leave people on this artistic little song and this moment. This is… really dark.”

On Instagram, Smith wrote “Brace yourself…. It’s a sad one. But I’m very proud of this song. It’s insanely personal to me.”
He revealed he wrote “Shadows” before “Stay With Me” and other tracks on “In The Lonely Hour,” but he held onto it because he couldn’t get the production just right. “I thought of it recently when we thought about the repackage and we did it with piano.”

The song is part of a rerelease of Smith’s breakthrough debut album, titled In The Lonely Hour: Drowning Shadows Edition, a two-disc set featuring new versions of older songs and covers of some favorites, including “How Will I Know.”

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