Samantha Bee Explains Just Why Hillary Clinton Made That Nancy Reagan AIDS Gaffe

"I know you’re tired, but get it together, woman."

Hillary Clinton released an apology for her troublesome remarks regarding Nancy Reagan last week — specifically, thanking her for her “effective, low-key advocacy” on HIV/AIDS in the ’80s — but many are still wondering how she could have made such a big mistake in the first place.

Samantha Bee shared her view on how the gaffe could have happened on her new show, Full Frontal, last night.

“Last week, a former first lady apparently suffered a stroke,” she said at the opening of her monologue, before clarifying that she was referring to Clinton, not Reagan.

After playing a clip of Clinton’s unfortunate words, Bee just started jumping around screaming “No!”

“Hillary, you lived through the 1980s, unlike a lot of people,” Bee said. “You know all Nancy Reagan did was redecorate The White House while the loved ones of AIDS victims redecorated the mall across the street.”

Bee ended her rant by playing clips of Donald Trump at a recent rally in order to remind Clinton how important her words are.

“I know you’re tired but get it together, woman,” she said. “Don’t you know what’s at stake in this election?”

Check out the full segment below.

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