Stonewall Inn Patrons React To Presidential Debate On “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee”

Things heat up when a Clinton supporter from the historic gay bar faces off with a Trump supporter at a sports bar in Times Square.

Fans of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee are trained to tune into the comedian’s show after a big political moment in order to hear her hilarious rants, and her coverage of Monday night’s debate definitely didn’t disappoint.

But after the TV host shared her views on what went down, she revealed she had sent correspondents out into New York City to hear what the people had to say.

Samantha Bee

Ashley Nicole Black went to a Democratic viewing party at the Stonewall Inn, the historic gay bar in the West Village, while Alana Harkin went to speak to Republicans at Tonic, “the non-historic sports bar in Times Square.”

And it all went down pretty much exactly how you’d expect.

Samantha Bee

One Trump supporter guessed that Clinton would wear a pantsuit, a bulletproof vest and a catheter for the debate.

“I believe she has some very extreme health issues that she’s hiding from the public, for obvious reasons. I kind of sympathize and empathize with her plight, but she’s probably wearing a catheter,” he said. “She’s a weak, old, sick woman and she doesn’t have the strength or stamina to rule a country.”

So, maybe “empathize” wasn’t really the right word?

samantha bee

After Trump and Clinton signed off for the evening, Bee’s correspondents linked two of the bar patrons up to continue the debate.

Watch it all go down in the video below.

And check out what Samantha Bee thought of the debate in her opening monologue.

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