San Francisco 49ers Player Rumored To Be Coming Out

san francisco 49ers

A player for the San Francisco 49ers will be coming out as gay, possibly even this week, according to the gossip site Media Take Out.

The unnamed team member has reportedly spoken to higher ups in management, and is encouraging owners to draft Michael Sam, the Missouri defensive end who came out last weekend.

If the story is true, then the player is certainly on the right team:  In 2012, the San Francisco Chronicle asked players and coaches if they’d be okay with a gay teammate. “I have no discrimination in my heart,” said 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. “What you ask of a player is to be a great team player and be a good player. My expectations [of a gay player] would be the same.” Players Alex Boone, Joe Staley, Vernon Davis and Donte Whitner all said they’d support an out player.

Even cornerback Chris Culliver, who made a nasty comment about such a scenario shortly before the 2013 Super Bowl, apologized and has worked with the Trevor Project to make amends.

After Sam’s revelation on Sunday, General Manager Trent Baalke tweeted just the right thing: “The 49ers commend Michael for the courage he has displayed as he continues to pursue his NFL career. We have and will continue to evaluate him as we do every eligible player, which is always based on their projected contribution to our team on and off the field.”

It’s also worth noting Dave Kopay and Kwame Harris, two NFL players who came out after retirement, wore the scarlet and gold.

Now, if we had a choice, we wouldn’t mind if Colin Kaepernick joined our team. That man is fine!