San Francisco Revamping Harvey Milk Plaza Memorial

The unveiling will come in time for the 40th anniversary of Milk being sworn in as San Francisco City Supervisor.

The memorial to late LGBT activist Harvey Milk in San Francisco’s Castro District is getting a facelift: Designed by architecture firm Perkins Eastman, the new landmark will feature large set of colorful steps that detail the timeline of Milk’s activism.

The stepped memorial will be at the intersection of Market, Castro and 17th Streets at Harvey Milk Plaza, an open square dedicated to the Milk and his legacy of advocacy. The new steps will form outdoor seating, which will point toward a gathering spot and performance area.

Perkins Eastman

“The new Harvey Milk Plaza is reimagined as a vibrant, active, living place that more fittingly honours Harvey Milk’s charismatic spirit and legacy as a community energiser and a vocal activist,” a spokesperson from Perkins Eastman said.

Milk was sworn in as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1978, one of the first openly gay politicians in America. He was assassinated the same year by fellow city supervisor Dan White, who had sought to get his position back.

Perkins Eastman

November 8 marks the 40th anniversary of Milk’s election, and a public-art installation will illuminate the sky above the plaza next week in rainbow lights. Milk’s quote “Hope will never be silent” will permanently appear in neon letters in the plaza, as well.

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